Educational Establishments

An Educational Establishment is an Organisation. An Educational Establishment’s main purpose is education. These may be Schools, Colleges or Higher Education Establishments. Educational Establishments providing education for Degrees are considered to be Higher Education Establishments or Universities.

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 requires the responsible individual to undertake fire risk assessments throughout all educational establishment premises.

Educational establishments are required to undertake risk assessments to identify the general fire precautions needed to safeguard the safety of occupants in case of fire, including their safe means of escape.

Our Fire Risk Assessment experts will ensure:

  • procedures are in place to reduce the likelihood of fire
  • maintain fire detection and alarm systems
  • ensure staff and pupils are familiar with emergency evacuation procedures

It is important that:

  • fire risk assessments are kept up to date

fire precautions remain current and adequate (they should be reviewed in detail when significant alterations are made to a school’s premises)