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We offer top quality Fire Risk Assessment, Asbestos surveying, EPC, Gas, Electric, Fire Alarm and Emergency Lighting services at competitive pricing. We operate UK-wide.

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For a quarter of a century, our unwavering dedication to excellence has resulted in an unparalleled record of success in the fire risk assessment business. With a flawless 25-year track record of undefeated performance, we continue to set the standard for fire safety and risk mitigation, ensuring the utmost protection for our clients and their assets.


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fire risk

Fire Risk Assessment

Evaluate potential fire hazards and safety measures within a building or environment to ensure safety.

asbestos sheet

Asbestos Surveys

Comprehensive inspection to identify, assess, and manage asbestos-containing materials in buildings, ensuring safety and compliance with regulations.

fire alarm

Fire Alarm Testing

Routine assessment to verify the functionality and reliability of fire alarm systems, critical for early fire detection and occupant safety.

fire door

Fire Door Surveying

Evaluating the condition and effectiveness of fire doors to ensure they meet safety standards and provide protection in the event of a fire.


Fire Extinguisher Testing

Inspecting the functionality of fire extinguishers to ensure their readiness for combating fires in emergencies.

emergency light testing

Emergency Light Testing

Periodic assessment of emergency lighting systems to ensure they function correctly during power outages or emergencies, aiding safe evacuation.

The Key to Fire Safety Success

Fueling Confidence with Comprehensive Fire Risk Assessments

Fire safety is a critical concern in both residential and commercial settings. Every year, fires result in devastating loss of life and property damage, making it essential to prioritize fire safety measures. The key to fire safety success lies in a combination of awareness, prevention, preparedness, and effective response.

Our comprehensive fire risk assessments instil confidence by thoroughly evaluating potential hazards and safety measures, ensuring compliance and safeguarding lives and property. 

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Zaheed Naviya

Great staff, guys who came on site were punctual and were very knowledgable, had all the correct tools and equipment along with the correct PPE, Very happy with their services provided.


Josef Lewis

I have used this company many times for various services. Always arrived promptly and had the certificates back within 24 hours. Highly recommend


Hanif Patel

Very professional and very friendly people, great quality work and good value. Would definitely recommend. Thanks


Jackson Skier

Professional company, professional staff. Fire extinguishers and Fire risk assessment done by them

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Fire risk assessments are required for virtually all non-domestic premises in the UK, including businesses, landlords, and public buildings.

    Fire risk assessments should be conducted regularly, with frequency depending on factors like the type of premises, changes in building layout, and the nature of activities. In some cases, they may need to be reviewed annually.

    The assessment report should provide a comprehensive overview of fire hazards, risks, and safety measures, along with clear recommendations for improvement and compliance.

    Can you help with implementing the recommended safety measures?

    Many fire risk assessment companies offer assistance with implementing the recommended measures, from fire door installations to emergency lighting upgrades.

    A thorough fire risk assessment can positively impact insurance premiums and ensures legal compliance, potentially avoiding fines or legal action in case of non-compliance.  What are the potential costs associated with a fire risk assessment?

    Costs vary depending on the size and complexity of the premises. It’s important to get a clear quote from the assessment company before proceeding.

    Yes, we have worked with more than 500 clients and will be happy to share the references with you.